The Utah Housing Gap

The Utah Housing Gap

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The Utah Housing Gap

In recent years the housing gap in Utah has continued to expand as our population grows in numbers so does our housing needs. Affordability is quickly diminishing throughout our state and if we stay on our current track we will see home prices continue to soar.

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The Study

According to the most recent study conducted by Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, shows the rate that housing prices are increasing in Utah will threaten our cost of living, economic prosperity, and quality of life. Learn More

How It Affects You

Since 1991, Utahs housing prices have increased at a faster rate than housing in San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle. The more expensive homes get that further people will have to live form work. One in eight Utah homeowners below median income are paying 50% or more of their income to housing.

The Solution

We need more housing units to begin closing the housing gap. This will ensure that costs begin to stabilize once there are enough housing units in the state.

Local policy decisions can help -
Adopting zoning that allows for a variety of housing types
Evaluating cost-prohibitive impact and permit fees
Supporting multi-use land development

Take action so your voice is heard -
Talk to your elected officials
Work alongside people with opposing views to find reasonable solutions
Tell your representatives that you want diverse housing options for every state of life

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