True Options Real Estate is the best property management company in Utah. With over 16 years of experience as a Salt Lake City property management company, our mission is to provide an awesome experience to our clients while increasing the value of their real estate investment. At True Options, we specialize in residential property management—whether you have a single rental property or hold several.

True Options vs Other Management Companies

We believe in being transparent with fair management fees. All costs are known upfront. Whether it's late fines, repair costs, or maintenance you know exactly what to expect. We believe we provide the best, highest quality service, investor minded management available.

Our management fees will never increase, are flat across the board, and no markups on maintenance. We actually offer better rates as our clients grow the number of properties they own. 6 -10 properties receives a 9% management fee, 11+ receives a 8% management fee.

True Options Real Estate

10% Management Fee

Online Owner Portal - View disbursements, Tasks, Work Orders, Financial Reports

Tenant Placement Only - 1 Month Rent

Tenant Placement w/ Management - 50% 1 Month Rent

High Quality Photos - Included

Tenant Setup - Included

Renewals - $200

Maintenance - Free Float Repairs Up To $500. Over $500 charge 10%

Utilities - Free Float

Tax Reports - Included

EFT Deposits w/ Breakdown - Included

Late Fees - 10%

Advertising - Included over 30 sites and syndicates to 100 in days

Screening - Credit, Criminal, Rental and Job Background and Verification, Eviction History Search

Inspections - 2X per year. More if needed.

Legal Postings - Included

Eviction Guarantee & Oversight - If we have to evict someone we placed in first 6 months, we replace them for free. Cost of eviction is only exact attorney costs, no overhead.

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Other Companies

8-12.5% Management Fee

Online Owner Portal - Varies

Tenant Placement Only - Not available

Tenant Placement w/ Management - $395 - $600

High Quality Photos - $150 - $250

Tenant Setup - Included - $250

Renewals - Included - $200

Maintenance - 10% - $X per hour

Utilities - NA

Tax Reports - Included

EFT Deposits w/ Breakdown - Included

Late Fees - Split 50-50

Advertising - Included

Screening - Included

Inspections - 1-2X per year

Legal Postings - Included

Eviction Oversight - $250

*We reserve the right to change our service pricing at any time without prior notice for promotions and events. 

Residential Property Management Services

True Options Real Estate is meeting the growing housing demand by servicing rental property owners throughout Salt Lake, San Juan, Davis and Utah Counties. Our team of highly trained, licensed property managers will handle the day-to-day tasks of managing your rental property including tenant screening, repairs, maintenance, collecting rent, and owner disbursements. Our rental property management team takes care of all the details to grow your investment.

- Apartment Property Management

Apartment property management requires a unique set of property management skills. Apartments can see more turn over of tenants than single -family homes so placement is critical. Navigating HOA’s and community standards can also become difficult with changes in policies. We have managed and owned apartments for years so helping manage your apartment is right up our alley.

- Single-Family Home Property Management

Single-Family Homes are becoming more popular in Utah. They can present big challenges to maintain but on the flip side are great long term investments for landlords. Typically single- family homes appeal to small families which allow for great tenants that usually will stay year after year.

- Multi-Family Home Property Management

Multi-Family Homes have been a staple in Utah for years. They are spread throughout every corner of our state and appeal to landlords for easy profitability for housing groups of tenants. We manage duplex, triplex and quadplex properties in almost every county and have maintenance crews on call ready for any repairs or maintenance that might be needed.

Buying & Selling Property in Utah

A crucial part of growing any real estate portfolio is buying and selling a property. When our clients are looking to update their portfolio, we're here to help them find the right fit. Our brokerage Utah Select Realty has helped hundreds of people purchase and sell their homes.

Our team works hard for our clients to plan out their real estate investing for the long haul. We are diligent in keeping our audience up to date and engaged through our newsletter.

No Obligation. Hassel Free. True Options.

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